It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by Hong Kong Lirui Limited, a brand of Guangdong Kuji Pipeline System Co., Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company is one of the earliest plastic pipe parts manufacturing enterprises in China. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It integrates product design, die making, injection molding and assembly. It is a comprehensive enterprise for plastic product development and manufacturing. It mainly produces CPVC, PP-R, PVC-U, ABS plastic valves and pipe fittings. It is sold to advanced countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia, and has been certified by NSF, UPC and IAPMO in the United States. It mainly supplies building materials supermarkets such as National Depot and Laurent's.

It is necessary to quickly grasp the core technology of quick takeover and open up a new era of China's fast connection pipeline. In view of the current domestic traditional pipe fittings connection method, the process is complex, time-consuming and environmentally friendly, after years of experience in the production of pipe fittings, our company has developed a new generation of pipe connection method, named "is fast", and has won a number of national patents. It will bring us a revolutionary pipeline connection method, without the traditional connection methods such as welding, hot melting, glue or thread teeth. Since it was officially launched in 2012, it has launched several series of products, such as Weimeng A2, Simple A4 and Super Energy A6, to the market. It has been tested strictly according to the international advanced standards and IGC188 Fast Connection Standards of the United States. With scientific and rigorous product quality testing, excellent product quality and good cost performance, it has been subjected to new and old users. Favor.

brand positioning: China's fast takeover leader

Brand strategy: Specialized, refined, new and fast

Core value: Grasp the core technology of fast connection pipeline

Brand personality: Fast, rigorous, steady and safe

Brand mission:
Changing the habits of pipeline utilization in China and setting up the industry standard for quick takeover.
Open up the fast lane of the management industry and open up a new era of fast connecting pipes.

Brand Vision:
It must be fast becoming the synonym for quick takeover
Absolutely fast take over category leader brand!

Product strength is the core competitiveness

It is the fastest fastest take-over parts all parts in the factory, thus ensuring the most stringent control measures. We control the whole process from initial product design, manufacturing to final assembly and testing to ensure that all the products produced are of high quality. It is made of food-grade raw materials without adding any recycled plastics, lead-free, non-toxic and plasticizer. It has won the sanitary certification of NSF #61 in the United States. With more than 20 years of hard technology and strict testing process, it ensures that every pipe is finished with high quality.

In order to achieve reasonable design and high quality consistency of products, the company has set up a research and development testing center and invested huge resources in purchasing pipeline system cold and hot water circulation testing machine, pressure blasting testing machine, thermal stability testing machine, drawing testing machine, water hammer impact testing machine and other testing equipment.